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Sediments of times

This project explores the concept of time from a subjective perspective: the infinite time, the potential, the time being, the actual, and the possibility of initiate a dialogue between these aspects.

I’ve experienced decay and transition processes by combining layers of different materials either in the body as a series of strata and on the surface. Emulating sedimentation and erosion I’ve added different clays and slips to create a shapeless mass which I’ve later defined looking at totemic forms, inspired by ancient Sardinian marble Giants of Mont’e Prama. I’ve been experimenting with engobes and glazes to create my own material language, developed from a selected palette that has informed my visual research from Pompei frescos to Francis Bacon painting.

Pic 1: Porcelain slips on a plaster slab (making process).
Pic 2: Crank clay, slips, engobes, glazes; 20 x 30 x 10cm; 1600£.
Pic 3: Raku clay, engobes, glazes, plaster, wire; 40x 40 x 20cm; 800£.
Pic 4: Watercolour on paper; 20 x 20 cm; sold.
Pic 5: Cast glass; 12 x 8 x 5cm; sold.

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