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A wondrous creature

In ceramics the necessity of confronting yourself, as a maker, with the physicality of the means is inescapable. Gravity is a force that must be considered while conceiving a piece. Consequently, is rather natural to apply already tested strategies to achieve the result envisaged.


Quite easily the experience acquired becomes a habit that helps to shortens the time in the making and helps to have quite functioning results. Equally, it contains and reiterates preconceptions and pre-ordered results.


Wanting to personally discover my own bias and presumptions I started questioning my methodology. I would usually make a very detailed plan and then I would eventually reach that shape. With this project, I have been trying to deceive my brain and instead of reproducing what I have been doing for almost a decade, I am building objects in a manner based on improvisation, on a step-by-step decision-making process.


I am also challenging the aesthetical expectations which I reckon were strongly influenced by the visual language I have embedded through my experience.


The result of this experiment led me to produce an undefinable shape that triggered the interpretation of the viewers, questioning the perception and evoking a sense of displacement/uncanny.

Raku clay, engobes, parian porcelain, oxides; 50 x 70 x 40cm; 2500£.

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