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"The difference between the great geniuses of history and other 'ordinary people' is not a matter of heredity, that geniuses are not born geniuses. At birth, every person possesses potential for greatness. It is one of the tragic realities of contemporary life that in most people this inborn potential remains dormant and undeveloped. My search for the reasons for this deplorable state of affairs has led me to realize that people we think of as geniuses had developped a way of "seeing" which enabled them to grasp with penetrating insight and understanding the true nature of the world around them."

A Geography of Human Life, T. Makiguchi.

Antonio Fois is a London based ceramic artist who creates sculptural and functional pieces in stoneware and porcelain and combines them through organic materials.


Nature and in particular marine landscape has always been part of his curiosity as ancient craftsmanships, which is part of his Sardinian heritage.

After graduating in Human Geography, inspired by Rossana Gotelli he found in the clay his own language. 

In 2015 he graduates at FITSTIC Faenza, an internationally recognised ceramics school which gave him the opportunity to study abroad, in Finland and Spain.

"Working with ceramics fascinate me because of the mysticism of the firing, which collects and fixes all the elements concrete and abstract phenomena that occur at time, like a snap-shot.

For this reason I consider this art not simply as a technique but a way of living."

Since early 2016 Antonio has been working as a Technician for The Kiln Rooms, an open access ceramics studio in South London. 

TKR provides professional development for members and a range of classes for all.

He has been also working on collaborations and commissions both in the UK and internationally.

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Senior Technician for the Design and Prototyping of Ceramics, FITSTIC Faenza, (It).


MA in Humanities, University of Sassari, (It).



International residency at Todomuta Studio, Seville (Sp)


Selected Artist for the International Competiton of Contemporary Ceramic Art, 59th Faenza Prize (It).


International residency at Paivi Rintaniemi Amfora Studio, Seinayoki (Fi).





"Home" at Clay Store, The Kiln Rooms, London, Uk.

59th Faenza Prize, International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza, It.

Creare, International Majolica Festival, Loggia di Banchi, Genova, It.

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