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"The difference between the great geniuses of history and other 'ordinary people' is not a matter of heredity, that geniuses are not born geniuses. At birth, every person possesses potential for greatness. It is one of the tragic realities of contemporary life that in most people this inborn potential remains dormant and undeveloped. My search for the reasons for this deplorable state of affairs has led me to realize that people we think of as geniuses had developed a way of "seeing" which enabled them to grasp with penetrating insight and understanding the true nature of the world around them."
A Geography of Human Life, T. Makiguchi.

I question ontological hierarchies and their systemic boundaries within my work.

I am fascinated by the interrelation between societies and the territories they live in, stemming from my previous studies in Human Geography and from Buddhism, which is central to my life and practice. Confronting different perspectives and semantic codes enables me to acquire a critical voice - deconstructing the aesthetic and methodological views incorporated in my experience.

Ceramic processes are amongst the most ancient technologies in human history. To ensure their survival, enduring traditions have been reinforced through repetition and the handing down of skills. In particular, the dichotomy between surface and shape has been at the core of the field, which still defines and connotes the existing context.

My practice explores that liminal space to redefine the perception of structure and façade. I combine traditional hand-building and casting processes with experimentation for example using glazes and glass as part of the ceramic body or kiln forming processes to create complementary shapes in ceramics and glass.

I am also exploring different materials at a greater scale for site-specific projects.

I graduated with an MA in Human Geography at the University of Sassari (IT) and completed a Diploma in Ceramics at FITSTIC, Faenza (IT).

Working with ceramics fascinate me because of the uncanny prodigy of the firing, which collects and fixes all the elements, concrete and abstract phenomena that occur at a time, like a snap-shot.

For this reason, I consider this art, not simply a technique but a way of living.

Since early 2016 I have been working as a Technician in an open-access ceramics studio in South London. I have also been working on collaborations and commissions both in the UK and internationally.

I graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Ceramics and Glass, awarded with a scholarship by the Fondazione di Sardegna.

My work has been shortlisted for the 59th Faenza International Ceramic Prize and very recently for Fresh at the British Ceramics Biennial.





MA in Ceramics and Glass, Royal College of Art, London (Uk).

Senior Technician for the Design and Prototyping of Ceramics, FITSTIC Faenza (It).

MA in Humanities, University of Sassari (It).








Selected Artist at Fresh for the British Ceramics Biennial, Stoke on Trent (Uk)

Residency at the Glass Foundry, Stroud (Uk)

Scholarship from Fondazione di Sardegna (It)

Residency at Todomuta Studio, Seville (Sp)

Selected Artist for the International Competiton of Contemporary Ceramic Art, 59th Faenza Prize (It).

Residency at Paivi Rintaniemi Amfora Studio, Seinayoki (Fi).










Metanoia, Cromwell Place, London.

Fresh at the British Ceramic Biennial, Stoke on Trent, Uk.

The Power of Material: From Virtual to Physical, Design Museum, London, Uk.

Sketch at 11 Avenue Studios, South Kensington, London, Uk.

WIP Show at the Royal College of Art, London, Uk.

"Home" at Clay Store, The Kiln Rooms, London, Uk.

59th Faenza Prize, International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza, It.

Creare, International Majolica Festival, Loggia di Banchi, Genova, It.

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