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Hello everybody

After many struggles I'm eventually publishing my brand new website mostly hand crafted by myself.

So proud and happy to have a space where to share my projects, inspirations, vision and probably more.

Has been a long path before finding the way how to give life to my inner state.

Since I was a child my dream was to actually build structures: objects, houses, means of transport ...

I always had an impulsive attractions for drawing, painting, creating with my hands something aesthetically enchanting.

"Aurora", made by Michelangelo around 1520s as a decoration for the Cappelle Medicee in the S. Lorenzo Sagrestia Nuova, in Florence, has been one of my first reproduction by pencil which gave me the satisfaction of pursuing my dream and the passion to explore different creative fields.

I had the opportunity to study architecture in Florence even if after two years I already left. My seeking spirit never gave up and back to Sardinia, my born place, I decided to give to my self another chance and I started a new career. I studied Humanities trying to incorporate my fascination for Art History. I was very close to write the thesis about Francis Bacon, already had a quite important bibliography related to him, but for many reasons I reckoned at that time was more urgent to address all my energies toward Human Rights, in particular Sexual Orientation and GLBTI Rights.

So I wrote my thesis in Human Geography comparing various European policies related to the theme trying to find the best practices to be applied i Italy.

After graduating I moved to Genova for family reasons and there I discover the Ceramics world. Even if before I had the opportunity to be in touch with clay I've never had the physical occasion to play with it. I fall in love since the very first time

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